Team members

Marie-Abèle Bind | Principal investigator

Marie-Abèle is an independent Research Associate at the Department of Statistics, Harvard University. Her research interests focus on developing causal inference methods for quantifying the effects of environmental exposures on health outcomes and understanding the mechanisms explaining these health effects. Her research is funded by the NIH Early Independence Award program.

Young Lee | Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher

Young is a postdoctoral fellow in Statistics at Harvard University. He completed his doctoral studies from the London School of Economics. Young's research interest broadly lies in applied probability and the applications of stochastic processes in the social sciences.

Alice Sommer | PhD Student - Human biology

Alice is a PhD candidate in Human Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. At Harvard, she is an Institute Fellow working on applying causal inference methods to understand environmental epidemiology problems. Her projects include the estimation of environmental influences on multiple sclerosis relapses and the human gut microbiome.

Nicole Pashley | PhD Student - Statistics

Nicole is a PhD Candidate in Statistics at Harvard University. Her research interests are, broadly, causal inference and experimental design. She is currently funded by NSF GRFP.

Zach Branson | PhD Student - Statistics

Zach is a fourth-year PhD Candidate in Statistics at Harvard University. His main research interests are in experimental design and causal inference, especially rerandomization schemes for experiments, matching methods for observational studies, and randomization tests for both. His research is funded by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.


Andres Cardenas | Environmental Epidemiologist

Andres is an environmental epidemiologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in Berkeley University of California. His research looks at early life exposures in utero and epigenetic alterations along with their potential role in the developmental origins of health and disease. His current work focuses on investigating the role of environmental and nutritional exposures during pregnancy in molding the infant epigenome at birth

Rachel Schweiker | Data Visualization Consultant

A self-taught data visualization whiz, Rachel turns words and data into clear and informative graphics. Rachel holds a Bachelor's degree in Marine Science and Geography from Boston University and a Master's in Statistics from Harvard University. Her broad scientific and startup experience spans the fields of biogeochemistry, genomics, geographic information systems, and speech technology, pointing to her unique talent in communicating through words, numbers, and images.


Ibon Tamayo | Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher

Ibon was a postdoctoral fellow focusing on causal inference for epidemiological studies. He mainly developed R packages and Shiny apps. Prior to Harvard, he worked on childhood and adult cancer, air pollution and exposome. He received a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Sciences, and an M.Sc in Bioinformatics.

Anwesha Patnaik | M.A. Student - Statistics

Anwesha holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Statistics and Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master's degree in Statistics from Harvard University. She is currently working on a research project that uses time series and change point analysis to investigate climate change across the US. Additional research interests include development economics and the intersection of policy and analytics.

Stephane Shao | PhD Student - Statistics

Stephane is a PhD student in Statistics at Harvard University, working under the supervision of Pierre Jacob. His research interests include Bayesian model comparison and sequential Monte Carlo methods.